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Help Tell the Story of OT – Share Your Inspirational Stories

You are invited to share your most inspirational client* stories on how OT and/or their OT helped them to participate in meaningful activities to optimize their life experience.

We also welcome your personal reflections on the OT Centennial; OT float; and OTAC membership, leadership experience, Annual Conference or Spring Symposium attendance, etc. We welcome photos to accompany your stories. We recommend postings of approximately 200 words.

*Please adhere to HIPAA when sharing information about your clients.

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  1. I am sharing this story because I am always amazed every day post grad school as a brand new spanking practitioner at how much I have been shaped into an OT. I'm not going to lie, some days I think I have no clue what I'm doing and it feels like a constant undertow pulling down. But I truly love what I do and I know that there is purpose in the work.

    Today I reflected on how many times we were told, in grad school, to develop our elevator speech. LOL!!! I would always sweat bullets when asked what OT is...HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU SUCCINCTLY DESCRIBE THE GREATEST PROFESSION IN THE WORLD?!?!?

    Well today I received and email from a fellow service provider...

    …”kiddo” drew a picture of a person inside a box and a person outside the box holding something. He then tells a story..."it’s you Mrs. S. You are trapped. This is Miss J, she has tools and she is going to help you escape."

    The funny thing is this kiddo isn't even on my service, he’s a sweet quiet kiddo in one of my classrooms.

    I now have my elevator speech. "I am Miss J, I have tools. I will help you escape your inabilities." This is my why…why I continue to be inspired even on the hard days to carry the torch for those who cannot.