Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My OT Story: By Anonymous

I was working in a county hospital where many patients presented with a long history of life challenges prior to admission. One patient had been without permanent housing. He survived a stroke, reclaiming ambulation and most of his ADLs. He lived off the streets by fishing at a pier and gathering scraps from restaurants. As part of OT we planned all of it- traveled to the ocean, fished off the pier, returned to the hospital to clean, prep and cook the fish. That was our lunch that day. He was proud to offer me food! I helped him advocate to discharge to the “home he knew and wanted- the streets. He was of sound mind to choose it and did not want a SNF or any other options. He was grateful his autonomy was regarded with respect. I then knew that patient-centered care starts and ends with the parameters the patient sets. The feeling of restoring emotional and social independence as extensions of functional independence was unforgettable!    

By: Anonymous

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