Monday, April 24, 2017

MY OT Story: A Firefighter: By Lisa Arroyo

This firefighter was involved in an electrical burn resulting in an above elbow amputation. After being released from a burn center he was seen for ADL’s, prosthetic training, burn care, work re-entry and then eventually on the job training. He returned to full duty and soon thereafter promoted to engineer and taught CPR as well. He was a father of 3 children and was an inspiration to all those that were in the clinic and was often a ‘cheerleader’ encouraging other patients on a regular basis. He continues to work and lead a very active lifestyle participating in a gym program 3 days a week. Although it was over 10 years since his injury he recently received an i-limb prosthetic by touch bionics; and asked to have his OT attend his training and become certified as well. He has been a true advocate for therapy and even more for OT. He was a patient that participated in various treatment settings with OT as his primary provider source.

 By: Lisa Arroyo, OTR/L, CHT, Hand Therapy Specialist

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