Friday, September 15, 2017

My OT Blog: By Stephanie Yang

I was devastated when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in high school. I felt like the medical providers were cold and offered very little hope. Our family roles and routines were changing and we did not know how to adjust and live with all these changes. This is what sparked a little fire inside of me to look into the medical professions. This is how I found OT.  I loved how OTs gave glimpses of hope when everything looked bleak. I loved how OTs sought to bring meaning to life again; and the hope that yes, life can be meaningful despite devastation.  I loved how OTs were creative, warm and full of compassion. This was not just “any” job. I chose to become an OT to serve others in a way that we missed out on when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. My mom has been cancer free for 19 years now. She lives a very full and meaningful life. I try to think of my mom when I am working with patients and my hope is that I may shed just a little bit of warmth to those that I work with.

By: Stephanie Yang, OTR/L

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