Sunday, August 6, 2017

Inspirational Client Story, Being an OT/OTA: By Shariff Ibadullah

Today marked the day of joy and happiness. I worked with a particular patient for a couple of weeks that had a stroke and has been trying to physically get better for the past 3 months, but his mentality was weakened since day one. He wanted to work in getting better and stronger with no hesitation. Today was his last treatment for OT and PT and as soon as i said, "you have completed your last therapy session" he began to cry. At first I thought I said something wrong, but realized it was tears of joy and accomplishment. He said, "thank you thank you for sacrificing your time in treating me to reach my goal". I replied, "time is only time, as long as I'm using it to accomplish something like this-it's worth it". I was trying to reel back my tears as he hugged me and shook my hand. This is why I want to become an OT, this is what I live for, this is what my personality is based on, and this is who I am. #OTmonth #OTpersonified
By Shariff Ibadullah

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